What's yours is mine

Mariel and I had literally been hyperventilating in anticipation of the Bloggers Yard Sale for over a week. We'd exchanged a ridiculous number of OHMYGODI'MSOEXCITED texts and had spent many an hour daydreaming over possible purchases. So setting off at 9.00 this morning (and that is dedication), I was more than looking forward to the fact that the day had finally arrived. With infinitely talented and stylish bloggers such as Susie Bubble and Park&Cube selling their wares, the sale couldn't really fail to be a success. We got there bang on 10 and it was already crammed with people rifling through the rails and bags of delectable garments. With the barbie just starting up as we left, the atmosphere was far less aggressive than your average jumble sale. I guess that's what happens when you're in a room (er...well...a carpark) filled with people with major clothe-infatuation issues.

I was just going to show you simple pics of what I bought...but instead I thought I'd show you them in terms of outfits. Mainly because I find styling up my purchases ridiculously fun. But also because I hope you like it better too.

First, up I bought these black trousers from Park&Cube. I thought I was buying pretty plain, slightly baggy black trousers, but actually they're highwaisted and have really nice pleating detail around the band at the top. Paired with Topshop Wedges, paint splattered crop top from Loveskitt at Spitalfields Market, and a vintage chain and cuff.These are a teeny weeny bit cerazy, even for me. But I kind of fell in love with them. They're silk, floral, and the legs are HUGE. Amazing. I bought them from Fiona at Save our Shoes and promised her I'd take the best care of them. So I guess you'll be seeing alot of these bad boys. Shown here with an H&M white tee and the Topshop clog/sandle hybrids. I figured I should let the trousers speak for themselves.

Finally, I bought a jacket from Susie Bubble. But it ain't just any jacket. Hell nah. It's velvet AND sequinned. The lapels are insane. I like to think it's kind of modern and chic 80s. But it could well just be full-on retro 80s. Either way, I don't care. I love it! The photo doesn't do it justice...actually I seriously apologise for all of these photos, my camera's still broken and so I'm lumbered with these phone photos of a horrendous quality. If you can tell, here it's shown with a black topshop dress and my bargainous £7.99 leopard print wedges from H&M.

I'm not sure when the next Yard Sale is, or even if there'll be one. But if there is, I'd joyfully get up earth shatteringly early on a Sunday morning to have another gander through the ladies' beautiful selection of throwaways.

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