Note this down...

I know this is super nerdy, but I LOVE stationery. Neat notebooks, pretty pens, I can get in to a hyperventilating state about them all. When we were away, me and my friend Nikki managed to spend a ridiculous amount of time in gallery/museum shops and, consequently, spent a ludicrous amount of dolla on overpriced organisational goods. I even spent £5.50 on a pen. A PEN. It is our genuine dream to get posted around the world selling stationery, with Nikki occasionally curating an exhibition and me writing about it. I probably shouldn't have shared that.

Anyway, for some reason, the Japanese seem to be experts on cute organisers, writing tools, pads etc. I managed to score this beautiful organiser from Mark's inc, the tokyo brand. IT IS MINT GREEN AND GOLD. Mmmmm.

Recently, I've managed to spend an obsence amount of time in Artbox, the japanese stationary store that has shops in Camden and Covent Garden. Despite having just bought a week planner, and owning a filofax (mmmm) I'm currently craving these:

ps. despite the ridicoulous quantity of organisational tools I own, I am still late to everything/can't find my way anyway/basically need a minder


  1. mmmm overpriced organisational goods, nom nom nom x

  2. Ah jeez. I'm a sucker for the papermate gilded notebooks.
    'Fuckyeahlastnight' is in one of those badboys.