Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still Anna of York

I consider myself to be pretty lucky. I've had an absolutely amazing first year at uni and met some incredible people. I also got lucky at school. Going back to York this weekend reminded me just how lovely and funny alot of my school friends are, and how much I've missed them. Unfortunately three of my best friends are having adventures in far-away lands and weren't there this weekend (selfish biznitches). I've had my four best friends since I was ten. As cheesy as it sounds (I do like a bit of the old fromage), we really have grown up together. We've had the most ridiculous jokes, we've talked things through, we've cried and very rarely we've argued...especially about who got to be who on Laguna Beach (I got Kristin, score!). They really have always been there for me, especially this year when I've been through a bit of a tougher time. This is a really, really soppy post but it's Sunday evening and I've just eaten half a tub of houmous and a packet of giant buttons. The bloating's quite extreme. For some reason I think this means I'm allowed to be soppy...


  1. i may be slightly biased but this blog is LOVELY. i love you chica xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. i love you too mi pequena. couldnt find any older pics than this on my laptop. I am actually pretty glad. xxxxxxxxxxxx