Some things just aren't meant to be

There's beanies, bowlers, berets; headbands, hair clips and...er...something else beginning with h. Headwear is a tricky tricky business. Hairbands look good, but hurt like a bitch. You're oversized hair clip is perfectly placed when you leave the house, but at the next mirror stop it's slid half way down your head. Hats are a whole other story. I know some people are 'hat people'. I am definitely not a hat person. They never suit me. EVER. Not even those gorgeously cosy winter beanies that look so perfect in the snow. But I did find this hat the other day:
I think it's beautiful. I love the way the feathers get darker towards the outer edges. I'm too scared to try it on...I kind of feel like it's better to keep the dream alive. I guess I could always stuff it on my head and avoid mirrors, whilst pretending I am in 1950s America and therefore it is a normal affair to don a hat daily. Except the feathers kind of scream Pocahontus. Pocahontus in 1950s America? Hmm. Maybe I won't get the hat.

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