Diamond in the rough

I first discovered Kabiri about a year ago. I'd completely forgotten about it until I was wandering around Covent Garden the other day when the sky decided to collapse. I have not seen that much rain in AGES; people were literally cowering under shopfronts. Having just recovered from a cold and sore throat palava, I was not a happy bunny to find myself soaked through and shivering. It's safe to say I've been sniffling ever since. As the rain continued to pound down, I found refuge in the wonderous heaven of incredibile jewellery that is Kabiri.

Kabiri is situated in the centre of Covent Garden and stocks pieces by innovative up-and-coming jewellery designers from around the globe. Launched in 2004, the original store is actually on Marylebone High Street, but as its popularity has grown, it has since gained a concession store in Selfridges and, of course, opened the branch in Covent Garden.

It's difficult to pick out individual pieces to write about. The glass cabinets that line the gothically decorated room that makes up Kabiri are literally full of jewellery I would be overjoyed to own. Despite stocking designers with very different styles, the buyers at Kabiri manage to create a collection with a common theme of modern, powerful elegance.

Here are some examples of their incredibly gorgeous stock:
Although I loved the majority of the pieces in Kabiri, I REALLY loved the collection designed by Imogen Belfield:These photos don't do Kabiri justice. Moreover, there's heaps more incredible pieces in the shop itself. Totally, completely and 100% worth a visit.

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