I still don't feel exactly feel like a Londoner. I've been here a month now, and still get hugely confused about where the hell people live (see this post for more details). However, rather than thinking 'where the fuck am I?' 85% of the time, I'm now bordering on a far more healthy 50%. This has allowed me to do a spot of wandering without getting horrifically lost, and as a consequence I've done a nice bit of snapping with my Iphone.

The other day, I accidently found myself (this happens alot) wandering through the Barbican area. I'd never really thought about going down there before, although I've discovered it's really close to my flat. But walking through Whitecross Market, I was enchanted by the masses of mouth-watering food stalls and the buzzing atmosphere. There's also an absolutely humungous Waitrose. Which is always a plus. Towards the end of the market there's some really interesting graffiti, which I snapped in the first picture. However, what really caught my attention (unsuprisingly) was this oversized washing line strung up from one side of the street to the other. Apparently, it's the remnants of an art installation from the two day Whitecross Festival. I like that they've kept it; it's crazy and colourful, and let's face it, an absolutely massive bra is always going to brighten up your day.

Sorry, the above pictures really are horrible. I don't know why I couldn't keep my hand steady...I'd only had a sip of tea so I can't blame it on a caffeine rush. Anywho, my friend Katie has a quite incredible knack for finding lovely cafés. It was Katie who first showed me Café 1001 on Brick Lane, where I now regularly worry about falling asleep and getting robbed on their ridicuously comfy sofas. This place was in Holburn and had a quite frankly delectable selection of teas and coffee. I had green tea with rose petals. Pretty and tasty. I took a photo of Katie's Mocha, because it was so perfectly prepared. And it looked yum.

The Sherlock Holmes obsession continues. I want to start drinking here...maybe in a trench coat. I have absolutely no idea where I was though. BummerMe and Sophie found this during our East London afternoon. It was near Spitalfields but I'd never seen it before. It's not exactly graffiti; instead, it's carved into the wall. It's a shame he looks so sad. Turn that frown upside down, girlfriend.
This isn't to do with London wandering, but I bought my Momokui doorstop today! Here it is in in the first picture, perched on my lap. It's actually pretty sizable and was a bit of a biatch to carry home. I really love it though. I thought I'd zoom in on the little face that I chose. It's only now that I realise it's got stubble. I seem to have created a cross-dressing doorstop. He's totally working that floral shift.

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