Natwest, Beware

So I haven't written in about 3 months...I'd say I'd been really busy but that would be a teeny weeny porky pie. I've just been realy lazy. But now I'm home for Christmas...except I'm kind of not really, but I think everyone who reads this is pretty bored of me whinging about that situation, so I'll save it for laters.

After a lovely lovely term back in lovely lovely Cambridge with my lovely lovely uni friends, I am very very broke. BOO. BUT I have made a decision to do my next terms shopping here (in London) seeing as the shops are amazing and I can't look at them without buying things. THEREFORE I am totally justified in going into my overdraft....and possibly maxing it. I know that when I go back to uni after Christmas I may heavily regret this decision and produce some more warped (yet highly convincing) logic that allows me to buy some more delectable items...but until then...oh well!

This is the shop that has practically forced me into debt: Public Beware. The store's situated just off brick lane, next to a couple of ludicrously tasty caf├ęs. It's the kind of place I imagine Willow Smith would shop (and yeah, I am kind of ashamed that my new fashion icon is a 10 year old...but probably not as ashamed as I should be). This winter I've felt a bit lost, sartorially speaking. I dabbled in camel, nudes, and sharp tailoring...but to be honest, I don't think that kind of hyper groomed, 'sensible' image is very me. I've always gravitated towards lots of studs, lots of sequins, lots of leather...lots of anything, really. Public Beware focuses on the somewhat aggressive detailing I love...slashes, rips, fringing, faux fur, netting, zippage...and yeah, a fair proportion of it does cross the fine line commonly known as taste. But alot of it is just AMAZING!
I tried on a hefty load of delights...and to be honest, I could've bought EVERYTHING. However, I settled upon a crazy, oversized, colour-blended jumper, some netted hareems and another jumper, this time cream with a frayed back and side.

Ta ta, financial security.

P.S tonight I'm going to a Christmas Party and wearing these:

Thank you, Eva Sharma!