Talking about the wonderous Lady Gaga got me thinking. She is certainly one of my idols; although I wouldn't attempt to immitate any of her looks (saying that, I do have a very strong attachment to my Gaga-esque sunnies), I love her eccentricity and find her confidence with clothes and with herself extremely inspiring. There are various ladies in the media that I have a similar kind of girl-crush on. They're the kind of women you want to be. I thought I'd share a few more of my fashion/work/general life inspirations.

I think my first ever fashion icon was Skye from neighbours.
Ludicrously, I can't actually remember a time when I haven't watched Neighbours. When Skye came into it I was about 10 years old and completely in awe. She had black hair with a blue underlayer. BLUE! She was pretty feisty, into fashion and art, she didn't care that she didn't fit in at school, and refused to dress like anyone else. She had major morals, and, despite the brief flirt with lesbianism, always bagged the hotties. I full on wanted to be her. Especially when she had blonde hair with multicoloured strands. I think I might have bought coloured clip on extensions from Claire's Accessories but I wasn't badass enough to wear them. I failed the spirit of Skye.

Typically, I have major, major love for MK. She kills it everytime. EVERYTIME. She can even make greasy hair look good. That's a pretty impossible task. I also admire the way she has handled the transition from a child star into an adult with a career. The Olsens' have a serious and desirable set of fashion lines; their own personalities and skills have enabled them to forge respectable careers whilst remaining in the limelight.

Enviously, Taylor Tomasi has my ideal life.
She was Senior Marketing Manager at Teen Vogue before becoming Senior Accesories Edior at Marie Claire. ARGH. Plus she has crazily amazing style and is, to be honest, practically the sole reason I was considering dying my hair red. I'm kind of hoping that if I do it, I'll be suddenly and magically transformed into Taylor. Hmm.

Lastly, I am currently a massive fan of Jaime Winstone;

Apart from Five Daughters (which was amazing) I've not actually seen much of her work. But because she's only 5'2" I feel a strange affinity with her. I will never have even average lengthed legs and neither will she. So when she works a kick-ass dress and 4 inch heels, I feel, strangely, kind of proud. She also seems to have a kind of 'fuck you' attitude. I don't think you'd catch her doing anything she doesn't want to do. And just LOOK at that headwear. Insane.


  1. Big love for the Olsens love. And inclusion of the leopard maxi. Is it too soon for me to dedicate yet another post to them?! I hope not...

  2. ahaha omg everything you said about Skye I totally agreed with. She was my icon. I still want to name my kid Skye...