Absence makes the heart grow fonder...hopefully

When I first started this blog I was ridiculously enthusiastic and posted almost everyday. This was mainly the result of post-travelling depression combined with having no job and no place of permanent residence. I know not many people actually read this but I'll say a massive SOZ anyway for not posting in forever...I got a job which took over my entire life and knocked out the majority of my brain cells along the way. Today's my day off though, and I finish on Sunday, so I thought I'd pay my little old blog a visit.

Since I work 6 days a week from dusk til dawn (this isn't exactly accurate...but it feels like it), I've also had no time for my main and most beloved hobby. At first, it was hard. I missed the excitement, the butterflies. I missed that feeling of contentment that filled up my lungs, brought colour to my cheeks and made me want to sing. I was irritable and twitchy...like an addict, forced to go cold turkey. However, the end is nigh, my friends. And so, the incomparable joy of shopping will be making a more than welcome return into my life.
Although I'm always open to finding spontaneous items of delight, I like to go in for a hardcore money spending sesh with a vague idea of what I'm looking for. I'm pretty torn this winter...although I've revelled in the beauty of the crisp, minamilist looks produced by Celine and ChloƩ (which have also been championed by the highstreet), I know that in reality, I'm not always in the mood for the neat perfection that these require. I've definitely got my eye on a few Celine-inspired pieces...but, as ever, I'm kind of feeling slouchy, bedhead chic...with ridiculously impractical shoes.

What I'm really after is some slightly loose acid wash jeans. A precise picture suddenly pinged into my head and now I'm struggling to get it out again. I think I might have been watching too much This Is England '86. I plan to hunt for these non-existent jeans next Wednesday...wish me luck.

I am also craving some big, off the shoulder t-shirts/tanks. Preferably this:

or this:

However these Ashish x Topshop items come with a ridonculous price tag...I dont think I could pay £50 for a long sleeved t-shirt (although I've said such things before...).

Other than that, I'mlooking for lots of jewellery this winter. I'm gonna hunt down a massive crucifix, and a selection of other oversized pendants...possibly made out of bizarre household items. I've been overwearing my ruffs since Nikki worked out how to make them, and I am starting to feel a bit nude without a massive piece of fabric around my neck.

So basically I plan to buy a selection of things I already have...but more. This post was kind of pointless.


Viva La Vida

I've read quite a few blog posts centering around the contents of the blogger's bag, with the blogger contemplating on what deep and meaningful things the items say about their lives. The inside of my bag is full of crumbs, old bottles and other skanky shit...you wouldn't want to see it. Instead, I think this picture of the floor of my car sums up my life perfectly:


Going dutch

Legwear's always been a tricky one for me...mainly because my pins are a good two(/three/four) inches shorter than what might be considered 'average'. This makes it extremely difficult to buy trousers from the highstreet. Thank god peg legs have been having a moment for the last few seasons...I can generally convert them into somewhat ill-fitting hareems.
The sad thing is, I LOVE legwear. I understand that bare legs are alluring etc, but for some reason I feel kind of....underdressed without a bit of leg coverage. That's a whole section of my body that could be draped in something fun.

This is where tights come in. They add a touch of interest into an oversized t-shirt or a baggy vest, making lazy day dressing as easy as nomming down houmous. Until about a year ago, I used to settle for the black opaque. Occasionally, I'd venture into something grey. But I've since discovered that tights can be just as exciting as 'real' items of clothing. Patterned, ribbed, coloured, seamed...the possibilities are endless, and moreover one size can just about fit all (with a bit of twisting, ruching and wriggling around like a maniac).

I'm a massive fan of Henry Holland's collection of patterned beauties. So far, I've collected at least one pair from every season. This is pretty much down to my lovely mother, who gave me a couple of pairs at Christmas as well as including a few in little packages that she sent to me whilst I was at uni (yes, she's an absolute angel). His aesthetic ranges from simple, subtely unique patterns to loud, brash, and damn right crazy designs. These are a few of my favourites:

I'd also do a lot of hideous things for the shoes in the second image. Wowza.
These are still on the wish list:Unfortunately, I can't find them ANYWHERE. If anyone manages to hunt them down perrrleeeaaase let me know. I worry my life will be incomplete until they are adopted into my ever expanding draw of deliciously decorated hoisery.


So fresh and so clean...

I've never been particularly interested in Louis Vuitton. There's only so many collections you can look at each season and I've always dismissed it as too classic, too traditional, and have preferred to look at Marc Jacobs work for his own collection. But shots from the Louis Vuitton fall 2010 show have been splattered over every magazine and have inspired countless items on the highstreet. It's been pretty darn difficult to avoid.
At first, I was less than impressed. Undoubtedly, the collection celebrates a fuller, more womanly figure, which has got to be a good thing. It's primary features include nipped in waists, feminine yet simple tops, and a-line, mid length skirts. At first glance, I found it...well, boring.

However, since I've been forced to look at it over and over again, I've grown to kind of love it. When all this mid-length skirt palava began I really couldn't see myself ever becoming a convert. Maxi, I understand. Mini, I understand. But mid-length...why? But now...what at first seemed to me to be a stuffy, old fashioned length in fact feels remarkably fresh. I really love the silhouette it creates when paired with a close, structured top half. It reminds me of some sort of sci-fi fantasy....except the items themselves are such simple, realistic pieces.

However what really swung the collection for me was this image:
The combination of texture, colour and pattern keeps the traditional silhouette extremely modern. I love it when fashion renovates something entirely like this...it just feels so new. I'm totally feeling the selection of brightly bowed shoes aswell. DIY project maybeeee?

What's on TV?

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have gone from being the laziest person in England with fuck all to do, to a hardcore 13-hour-shift-working machine. I think my body is in shock. At least it would seem that way, given that it's 11.40 am and I'm still in bed. But I think on my one day off a week I'm allowed to return to the horrendous slob we're all much more familiar with.

This is my new home:

It's in the form of a 3 roomed basement which I swear to God attracts arctic temperatures. Yesterday I didn't take my coat off. Which was actually quite tricky when I had to put painting overalls on top. Despite this, I love my new abode. I'm working as a runner in the Art Department for a tv programme that's been commissioned for E4. It's a little weird to put that in writing...I'm definitely not cool enough for that kind of job title. Luckily, the two other members of my team are incredibly lovely and made me feel at ease pretty much straight away. As did the rest of the crew.

Despite the insanely long hours (9.30 am until midnight, what the frig?!), I kind of love my new job. Suprisingly, it's really nice to be busy again. I'm surrounded by clothes all day given that we do all the costumes and props, and the other day I even got to meet the guy who choreographed all of the McQueen catwalks. Incredible. Moreover, he was basically the english version of Miss Jay from ANTM, minus the fro. That's got to be a positive.

We're filming on location in an amazing country mansion, and I've got to say some of the furniture is out of this world. I'll try to take some photos in the coming week....but I'm talking tall, velvet throne like chairs, beautiful mirrors that fill entire walls, mirrored tables and, of course, chandelliers.

I'm sorry to neglect you my little blog, but a girl gotta earn some dolla...