Blue Monday

I HATE Mondays. Mainly because they're the day that I always set for myself to start something productive...and the day I always fail. This particular Monday is more depressing than ever, since there is no Sunday Sherlock to look forward to this week. Boooo. I'm in such a horrific mood and need cheering up. Nikki said she'd bought a new jumper that is like 'wearing a cuddle'. I'd really like to be wearing a cuddle right now. Here are some pictures to lighten my mood, and hopefully yours if you're as grumpy and wingey as me.
Perfect sunshine in Vienna

Giles puffball bag with cartoon eyes. Too effing cute.
Cheesy beans on toastMick and Pam-laaarrr: my favourite TV couple EVER

My slightly bonkers but lovely family

Purely gratuitous; a delicious D&G Model


  1. I just spent an hour de-mosquito-ing my room and I'm not entirely confident that the insects of southern france understand my zero-tolerance attitude towards room violation. These photos made the last hour SO worth it.

    I can snuggle in my duvet and create little daydream (evening-dream even) scenarios where the d&g model sees me carrying my gifted giles tote (gifted cos of our fuck yeah last night success) and falls in love with me, buys me an espresso machine and we have a destructive but beautiful relationship involving lots of cheesy beans on toast and macchiatos until we both realise the error of our destructive but beautiful ways and then settle down in a big house in essex like pamlaaar and mick.
    but with better clothes and kenyan coffee grounds.

  2. Hahahahaha. if any mosquito tries to get in the way of that day dream it is a FOOL!! except now all I imagine is pam-laaar in Celine carrying the giles bag. amazing!! Fuckyeahfuckyeahlastnight!! That bad boy needs to materialise. We have doll to earn, designer gifts to be given, d&g models to score...and cheesy beans on toast to eat mmm x

  3. Kace, photos of your parents - incredible. I liked your blog so much I one hundred percent copied you and made one of my own - seeing as my facebook account has now been hacked it looks like this will be my entertainment. However, your posts are actually interesting...so far I think mine are just slightly abusive...excellent. I am going to 'follow' your profile now, meow meow purrr xxx