Two Faced

Going to a market is my favourite type of shopping experience. And believe me, I like all types of shopping experiences. I even get excited about going to the supermarket. So that's pretty high praise. I love the fact that you never now what you're going to find. Sometimes it's nothing but rusty plates, tacky t-shirts and one armed dolls that you'd be seriously concerned if anyone actually bought. But sometimes you're spoilt with unusual jewellery, hand made garments and even the most deliciously decorated cupcakes.

That's what happened to me the other week, when I was walking around Spitalfields Market with my mama. Amongst the bounty of stalls selling lust-worthy gems, we discovered the loveliest little brand. Momokui sells bags, t-shirts, and home furnishings all adorned with little figures in patterned clothes. They also sell heaps of badges painted with different faces on. The idea is that you pick your favourite face, and put it on your item of choice.
They even do necklaces:
I was so overcome with adoration at the little faces when I first discovered them that I was tempted to simply buy a badge for the sake of it. Some of them are just so damn cute. But I talked myself out of it, given the no money situ and all.

However there's something about Momokui that keeps me coming back. Whenever I'm around the Brick Lane area I have to go and have a sneaky peak. I even dragged my lovely friend Sophie there yesterday, in our brief two hour meeting. It was then that I saw these:

They're doorstops. DOORSTOPS! I actually need one of these. Well need might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I could definitely justify the expenditure. It would be nice propping my door open with something a little more inviting than my desk chair...and that never really worked anyway. But which little face to choose?
(all photos from Momokui's facebook page)

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  1. i quite like the one with the little specs, or maybe the one with the butt nose?? oh no its too hard, you will have to get them all. or one for each day??
    p.s i want one of those necklaces well bad