Because of Kors

Today I felt like channelling a bit of Michael Kors. I don't know what it is about this look but I loved it from the very first moment I saw it. Maybe it's the simplicity of the garments combined with the subtle but sophisticated detailing. Maybe it's the neutral tones that together create a beautiful autumnal colour pallette. Whatever it is, I have been attempting to find pieces in my wardrobe to recreate this look for a while now. I used to have a lovely pair of grey knit leg warmers but they seem to have disapeared, probably culled in one of my occasional but violent wardrobe clear outs. So I had to purchase a slightly less Kors-esque pair from H&M. But for £1.99 you cant complain.

I wore my Kors inspired ensemble to my friend Will's going-to-America party. At least, I attempted to. Instead I had a massive London travel disaster and ended up stuck on a train at Green Park in the sweltering heat for half an hour. WHY DON'T THEY AIR CONDITION? I made it to Brixton but promptly lost my Oyster, and having brought no money with me to make sure I was sensible, I couldnt get the bus. Hurrah. Luckily the nice tube men let me get home, or I could very possibly have been stranded in South London forever.

(H&M grey trousers, H&M legwarmers, Topshop Maroon clogs)

I paired this with a white H&M tee and my vintage suede camel cardie (£10 bargain). This outfit actually wasn't really inspired by Michael Kors...it's pretty much a full on imitation. Sorry for being hideously uncreative. But here's a close up of my shoes to make up for it...because they're new and really too tasty for words.


  1. waaah, I wish I coulda seen the shoes in the flesh.
    and south london is ridiculous. Nobody should live there. Grr.

  2. MICHAEL KORS is, like, totally my fave kace!!! I had no idea you worshipped him...I was really excited when I saw this post. He has a leopard print watch collection did ya know? Mazin. I like how he can be called MK too - excellent. Two birds killed in one stone.