Under my umberella

Rain is such a useless weather condition. I don't mind the cold; I love walking around in a snuggly coat and warming my hands on a cup of coffee. But rain? WHAT IS THE POINT? Obviously I know the point, but still, it's so freaking annoying.
Weather-wise, this summer has been a massive disapoint. There has literally been about five sunny days. The rest have been either non-commentworthy cloudy affairs, or filled with inconvenient downpours. Having got stuck in one of the aforementioned rainy spells earlier today, I thought these might be a mood lifter:

But actually I think they've made me feel even more depressed. Stupid lucky people watching their stupid beautiful sunsets on their stupid picturesque beaches. Give me rainy-in-August England and Gok Wan on the telly anyday...

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  1. stupid water cycle.
    I agree. But today was kind of dope, I sat by my window and had raindrop races with damani. Hell yeah old faithful on the left hand side won EVERYTIME. 10p for meee.

    maybe that's what rain's for. raindrop races..