Crack open a bottle

To me, the Coca Cola brand is just...cool. I know it sort of epitomises consumerism...one of my friends told me about an article that labelled it as the symbol of capitalism! But I think, in a way, that's what makes it what it is. It oozes retro american frivolence. I might be slightly biased...I have what other people consider to be quite an extreme diet coke addiction (I personally think I consume a normal and tasty amount). But my friend Nikki agrees. I know I've mentioned her alot already...we have spoken basically everyday for the past ten years. In fact, we're kind of the same person. Except she likes top gear and has a banging bootay. She also has an amazing coke bottle collection from around the world, and took some equally amazing photos of it:

This is my favourite. Karl Lagerfeld + diet coke=HEAVEN:

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