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Blogs, blogs, blogs. They're everywhere. I should know, I fricking write one. With the masses of blogs out there, it's pretty hard to become well-known, well-read and, moreover, produce something original. That's why I love Advanced Style. Its two creators, Ari and Mayaan have looked at the concept of style with different eyes, and thus created their wonderous blog, charting the well-dressed ladies and gentlemen from the older communities in New York. In other words, their subjects are over the age of 40 and aren't necessarily stick thin, perfectly groomed, designer-clad ladies.

Advanced Style proves that a love for beautiful clothes needn't diminish as the years pass by. In fact, as their header states, the blog is 'proof from the the wise and silver haired set that personal style advances with age'. It would seem that the subjects of Advanced Style's posts have realised that fashion is all about having fun. In their older years, they've become carefree and fashion-savvy, and not only is it inspiring, but reading about their approach to dressing is completely, completely fascinating.

Here are some of my favourite looks from the Advanced Style archives:

Debra, a regular contributor. She focuses on the drama an outfit can create. I love it! Never, ever, ever boring.

Lubi, who's also featured regularly. She has an amazing take on simple pieces. And fit sunglasses.

How suave is this guy?! I adore his outfit, but even better is the story Ari tells in his post about him. When Ari said he'd love to dress like him, he was told 'then do it, son'. So lovely. This guy has to be a grandpa.

Lynn Dell. Proving there's nothing dull about black and white.

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