Red Head/Bed Head

This is a little bit of a vain post and I apologise in advance. I've been getting the same shade of blonde highlighted in my hair since I was 13. Once I went a bit more 'honey'. Then I dyed it back. Thinking about it, bar a few minor length changes, I've pretty much had the same hair cut since I was 13. I always think about changing it, but I'm too much of a wimp. Lately though, I've been seriously considrering dying my hair red. I feel like it's time for a change and red seems kind of exciting.

(Photos: Jak and Jil, Stil in Berlin, Sea of Shoes)

I just can't work out whether or not it would suit me. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


  1. babe.not vanity.
    super exciting though. pleeease when I'm back in london lets go to some mad cheap weave shops and test out hair colours. Acton high street is amazing for it but a wee bit out of your way...

    Anyway, I reckon you'd look kick ass with red hair. Seriously fierce. Very different. But I'm imagining you as britney, with the red hair in the pvc catsuit from toxic...

    Going to keep imagining till I come up with a non-britney related image. xx

  2. DO IT!!!! You and Sophie could start a gang.

  3. right that's it. you are officially not keeping your fans updated enough. i will have to smite you.

    ps. red hair is defo a must. think of how well it will go with anmything camel. mmmm

  4. hahaha Mariel, very very unfortuntely I am not Britney. VERY unfortunately. AHH I did actually think that Katie. You'd have to do it too. We could go around acting fiery. Or something. Yes Nikki Dean it would go amazingly with camel...but how would it go with my face? That is the question. And chillll man I've been a busy bee. And I said i'd only blog when you put up photos for me to drool over but you haven't...but I love Gaga too much to wait. xxxx