Absolutely frigging amazing romance

The romance in question? Gaga and I-d magazine (geddit?):

With nowhere to go and nothing to do, today I found myself wandering around Marlyebone Highstreet. Despite my phenomenal shopping habits, I definitely couldn't afford to buy anything; however, as is usually the case with extremely glamorous areas, I did discover that their newsagents had a delicious selection of magazines. I stopped dead when I saw this cover. I am a massive Lady Gaga fan; I love her flamboyant, over-the-top day wear, her ludicrous selection of platformed shoes and just the general Gaga craziness. I think this cover is truly beautiful. Celebrating I-d's 30th anniversary, there are also covers featuring Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. So far, I've only laid eyes on Gaga's cover, but to be honest I find the two supermodels boring in comparison. Shot by Nick Knight (what a man) and styled by Nicola Formichetti, I love the simplicity of the shot, combined with the reminder of Gaga's personlity radiating through the slightly more subtle than usual headpiece. The cover eminates power and confidence.

Unfortunately, I-d costs £5 (I swear it's gone up; it's like Boots Meal Deal all over again. £3.49 what the frig?). I was all prepared to pay for the beautiful goods that would await me inside (more Gaga plus pre-fall 2010, fall 2010 and resort 2010 reviews). However when I got to the till, the kind cashier informed me that there was a pound charge for paying with a card. That was too much for my dwindling funds. I refuse to spend £6 on a magazine, however delectable. Therefore I'm still left awaiting the Gaga goodies. Hopefully I'll find some cash by tomorrow.

Ps. Another beautiful beautiful romance? Gaga and Mcqueen. And I'm not just talking about those geniously mental shoes in the Bad Romance video:

(Vanity Fair September Issue, shot by Nick Knight, styled by Nicola Formichetti)

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