This is a man's world...

Mmmm. Sherlock Holmes. The stories are good, they work well in the modern set up and I LOVE Martin Freeman. But it's definitely Sherlock aka Benedict Cumberbatch who makes the whole thing unmissable. HE IS DELICIOUS. Incidently, I've googled Benedict Cumberbatch ( I still don't have a job), and when he's not dressed up in the sharp Sherlock suit, the simple Sherlock shirt and the suprisingly snuggly looking Sherlock scarf, he's not much to comment on. This got me thinking about men's fashion. It has the same effect on a man as women's fashion does on woman; it says something about them. Yet it's pretty damn hard to find a well dressed man who doesn't look just that little bit camp. While Sherlock's attire works pretty well (om nom nom yum drool) on a Consulting Detective in a bbc crime drama, it would be fairly bland in the regular world.

Personaly, I like it when men dress like men (grr), but with a little bit of funk added on in there. For example, Kanye West. I'm not particularly keen on the man. He seems a bit on the arrogant side and I'm still shedding a tear for poor Taylor Swift. But I am a massive fan of Kanye's style. He just looks...cool. He'll wear a simple shirt, but he'll pair it with brightly coloured sneaks. Or you'll see him in a sharp suit with a crazy tie. Moreover, he has impeccable taste in sunglasses.

But seeing as Kanye is a bit of a knobber, I think this guy's perfect:

(Photo: Street Pepper)

Yes, they're leather hareems. And his shoes are Jeremy Scott x Adidas. I didn't even know Jeremy Scott had collaborated with Adidas. Gonna get a-googling that. And seeing as I don't know who he is I can imagine he's funny, charming, knows how to cook etc etc. So all I need is for this guy to turn up at Cambridge in October, please.

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  1. ohhhhhhh my lord. This post made my day.

    Check out Kid Cudi, he dresses better than Kanye, is hotter, less arrogant and remixes gaga songs. OH MY GOD HES PERFECT.