The Girl With The Feather Tattoo

In June, I got a tattoo. I was feeling a little reckless, it was fun and I loved it. This is what it looked like:

I was a bit nervous about something happening to it during my month away. So I was really, really careful and walked around with clingfilm on my foot for a month, looking like a twat. Numerous people asked me if I was ok, if I wanted a bandage, what had happened. I felt a bit of a disapointment telling them I'd got a tattoo. I think they were expecting something alot more dramatic.

However, despite my diligence, my tattoo managed to...sort of fall off. The bottom half literally doesn't exist anymore.

Having gone back to the tattoist in Cambridge, I was informed that it happens alot because it's on the side of the foot. After agreeing to fill it in for free, she encouragingly told me 'it'll probably just happen again'.

Great. So I will have half a tattoo on my foot for the rest of my life. Thanks for the forewarning.

I'm getting it filled on October 4th. Please, please, PLEASE stay with me, my little feather tattoo.

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