La Vie en Rose


-Learn German, move to Berlin
-Learn French, move to Paris
-Suddenly develop off-the-chain writing skills. Become renowned and respected journalist.
-Become editor of I-d/Pop/Elle/Vogue...not picky
-Try my hand at styling...style Gaga, Mary-kate and other women stated in the previous post...including Skye from neighbours
-Marry Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Johnny Depp will unfortunately be too old by then. Although if you somehow read this Johnny - HA - I take that back, way way back. Come find me)
-Have beautifully cute children
-Become best friends with Gok Wan
-Move to New York
-Write deep and meaningful novel
-Retire in a little cottage by the British sea side. With an appartment in Vienna for when Joseph and I get bored. And I don't want to lose my German, obviously.


- I can only say 'der hund ist in der oven' and 'dangle der traum' in German. I don't think 'the dog is in the oven' and 'dangle the dream' are going to get me very far. Definitely have a long way to go.
-Luckily, I have AS level French. HUZZAH! However, Paris is massively and ridiculously expensive. And I'd want to live in one of those stunningly beautiful appartments with the cream walls and the exposed balconies. Hmm.
-I'm not really sure how to develop off the chain writing skills. And become a renowned and respected journalist. May take a few decades.
-Becoming an editor of a beauty of a magazine...same issues as above.
-EVERYONE wants to be a stylist. And Gaga's stylist is already absolutely incredibly amazing. May have to embark on sabotage. I'm not sure how many people are craving to style Skye from Neighbours, though.
- I don't know Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I don't know where he lives, or, really anything about him. How would I find him? How would I make him fall madly in love with me? Moreover, he could be an absolute wanker.
-I WILL become best friends with Gok Wan. I'd feel so chuffed about myself ALL THE TIME. Minor issues of finding him, hanging out with him, ensuring he likes me etc. But my Dad did once have a pee next to him. Half way there.
-Writing a deep and meaningful novel would require me to be deep and meaningful. Studying philosophy, therefore working on it.
-Retiring to an idyllic British seaside town with little (but beautiful) appartment in Vienna obviously requires a pile of dolla. Can only really happen if my slightly ridiculous career plan pans out.

Despite these obvious issues I feel strangely positive about my life plan. It pays to be ambitious, right?!

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  1. you seem to have missed out the section where we get married at lake bled and get shit loads of cats. but whatever. x