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A while ago I posted about Gerald DeCock's incredible apartment, and how much I utterly adored it. Still focusing on having my very own house and finding it an excellent excuse to buy things, I have since developed a pretty sizeable collection of Gerald-inspired items (leopard print duvet cover, patchwork rug, multicoloured patterend pillow cases...). But flicking through my pictures the other day, I was reminded of an appartment I'd seen long before Gerald's that I also find incredibly inspiring. In fact, it's not an appartment, but the office of Ines De la Fressange, the ex-model and boutique owner, who is also a consultant for Jean Paul Gaultier. Given her job history, it would seem ridiculous for her not to have a glamorous office. But Ines' workplace isn't just glamorous; it's eclectic, innovative and modern.
Bright pink walls that could be tacky in fact look chic combined with Ines' passion for framing anything she finds interesting or special. I love that idea; it somehow makes everything look put together, despite the fact that what's framed is incredibly random (given that each item is so personal) and they're placed so sporadically on the wall. Ines also loves shelves and, again, fills them with odd items she has collected. For her type of work, I can imagine her office is perfect. The rose-coloured walls are calming, while the clutter of the objects and frames must be truly inspiring. She also has some absolutely banging pieces of furniture:

Ines, if you ever get tired of being insanely stylish, buying beautiful clothes, giving Jean advice on his next collection, and having an incredibly decorated office, I'll happily take over.

(Photos courtesy of The Selby)

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