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Sorry for the lack of updates. I have gone from being the laziest person in England with fuck all to do, to a hardcore 13-hour-shift-working machine. I think my body is in shock. At least it would seem that way, given that it's 11.40 am and I'm still in bed. But I think on my one day off a week I'm allowed to return to the horrendous slob we're all much more familiar with.

This is my new home:

It's in the form of a 3 roomed basement which I swear to God attracts arctic temperatures. Yesterday I didn't take my coat off. Which was actually quite tricky when I had to put painting overalls on top. Despite this, I love my new abode. I'm working as a runner in the Art Department for a tv programme that's been commissioned for E4. It's a little weird to put that in writing...I'm definitely not cool enough for that kind of job title. Luckily, the two other members of my team are incredibly lovely and made me feel at ease pretty much straight away. As did the rest of the crew.

Despite the insanely long hours (9.30 am until midnight, what the frig?!), I kind of love my new job. Suprisingly, it's really nice to be busy again. I'm surrounded by clothes all day given that we do all the costumes and props, and the other day I even got to meet the guy who choreographed all of the McQueen catwalks. Incredible. Moreover, he was basically the english version of Miss Jay from ANTM, minus the fro. That's got to be a positive.

We're filming on location in an amazing country mansion, and I've got to say some of the furniture is out of this world. I'll try to take some photos in the coming week....but I'm talking tall, velvet throne like chairs, beautiful mirrors that fill entire walls, mirrored tables and, of course, chandelliers.

I'm sorry to neglect you my little blog, but a girl gotta earn some dolla...

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