Absence makes the heart grow fonder...hopefully

When I first started this blog I was ridiculously enthusiastic and posted almost everyday. This was mainly the result of post-travelling depression combined with having no job and no place of permanent residence. I know not many people actually read this but I'll say a massive SOZ anyway for not posting in forever...I got a job which took over my entire life and knocked out the majority of my brain cells along the way. Today's my day off though, and I finish on Sunday, so I thought I'd pay my little old blog a visit.

Since I work 6 days a week from dusk til dawn (this isn't exactly accurate...but it feels like it), I've also had no time for my main and most beloved hobby. At first, it was hard. I missed the excitement, the butterflies. I missed that feeling of contentment that filled up my lungs, brought colour to my cheeks and made me want to sing. I was irritable and twitchy...like an addict, forced to go cold turkey. However, the end is nigh, my friends. And so, the incomparable joy of shopping will be making a more than welcome return into my life.
Although I'm always open to finding spontaneous items of delight, I like to go in for a hardcore money spending sesh with a vague idea of what I'm looking for. I'm pretty torn this winter...although I've revelled in the beauty of the crisp, minamilist looks produced by Celine and ChloƩ (which have also been championed by the highstreet), I know that in reality, I'm not always in the mood for the neat perfection that these require. I've definitely got my eye on a few Celine-inspired pieces...but, as ever, I'm kind of feeling slouchy, bedhead chic...with ridiculously impractical shoes.

What I'm really after is some slightly loose acid wash jeans. A precise picture suddenly pinged into my head and now I'm struggling to get it out again. I think I might have been watching too much This Is England '86. I plan to hunt for these non-existent jeans next Wednesday...wish me luck.

I am also craving some big, off the shoulder t-shirts/tanks. Preferably this:

or this:

However these Ashish x Topshop items come with a ridonculous price tag...I dont think I could pay £50 for a long sleeved t-shirt (although I've said such things before...).

Other than that, I'mlooking for lots of jewellery this winter. I'm gonna hunt down a massive crucifix, and a selection of other oversized pendants...possibly made out of bizarre household items. I've been overwearing my ruffs since Nikki worked out how to make them, and I am starting to feel a bit nude without a massive piece of fabric around my neck.

So basically I plan to buy a selection of things I already have...but more. This post was kind of pointless.


  1. Anna, just at a loss what to do and checked your blog. Top stuff and very compelling reading (no, really, it is).

    How do you get a cool job like yours? I've been working in Greenwood's (it is in the retail but not at all good - it essentially sells clothes to old blokes) and its boring and I don't like the clothes.

    Anyhoo, Uni on Sunday. Keep the good stuff coming, I've now added your blog to my bookmarks bar. :p

  2. kace...nothing to do with this blog but check.this.out:



  3. Kace, You haven't written a blog in ages, please do so, I miss them, all my love xxx