So fresh and so clean...

I've never been particularly interested in Louis Vuitton. There's only so many collections you can look at each season and I've always dismissed it as too classic, too traditional, and have preferred to look at Marc Jacobs work for his own collection. But shots from the Louis Vuitton fall 2010 show have been splattered over every magazine and have inspired countless items on the highstreet. It's been pretty darn difficult to avoid.
At first, I was less than impressed. Undoubtedly, the collection celebrates a fuller, more womanly figure, which has got to be a good thing. It's primary features include nipped in waists, feminine yet simple tops, and a-line, mid length skirts. At first glance, I found it...well, boring.

However, since I've been forced to look at it over and over again, I've grown to kind of love it. When all this mid-length skirt palava began I really couldn't see myself ever becoming a convert. Maxi, I understand. Mini, I understand. But mid-length...why? But now...what at first seemed to me to be a stuffy, old fashioned length in fact feels remarkably fresh. I really love the silhouette it creates when paired with a close, structured top half. It reminds me of some sort of sci-fi fantasy....except the items themselves are such simple, realistic pieces.

However what really swung the collection for me was this image:
The combination of texture, colour and pattern keeps the traditional silhouette extremely modern. I love it when fashion renovates something entirely like this...it just feels so new. I'm totally feeling the selection of brightly bowed shoes aswell. DIY project maybeeee?

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