Rainbow is my favourite colour

The beginning of a new school (or in this case, university) year always seems like an opportunity for complete reinvention. I always make countless promises to myself; I will work harder, I'll be tidy, I'll be organised. I never keep them.
So this year I'm going to forget the resolutions and focus on something I will actually bother to do. Living in a teeny tiny room in halls for the whole of last year, in October I'll be moving into a house with 8 of my friends. Needless to say I'm pretty freaking excited. Despite there only being one bathroom between nine of us (I'm shuddering just thinking about it), the house is gorgeous, with three floors and a cute little garden. I managed to land a pretty sizeable room on the second floor and plan to centre my attention on decorating it.

I've never been that into interiors before. But I'm really, REALLY looking forward to moving in in October and want to make my little room as homely as possible. I had a few plans...a grey duvet, bright accents. But then I saw this on http://www.theselby.com/:

This is the house of Gerald Decock, a hairdresser and visual artist from New York. I WANT TO LIVE HERE. I'm normally a black, grey, studs and zips kind of girl but, I'm completely infatuated with all of the bright colours. Screw muted undertones. I want my room to look like it's been attacked by a pretty unskilled-but-bright-paint-loving graffiti artist. I don't see how you could be upset in a room like that. All of the paintings, the lights, the photos would make me so so happy. And how incredible would it be to have a little hidey hole like Gerald?!

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